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Jnana Infotech Cad centre in Bangalore is the Best Civil and Mechanical Training Institute in  Bangalore. We are the Leading cadd training center in Bangalore we offer Civil Engineering , Mechanical Engineering, and Interior Designing Course Provider with 100% Placement Guarantee. 

No1 Cad Centre in Bangalore
Provides Training on Below Courses

For Civil CAD / Architectural/Cad course in Bangalore

  • Autocad for Civil / Architectural 
  • Revit Architecture
  • 3ds Max 
  • Google Sketch up 
  • V-ray 
  • Staad-Pro 
  • Revit  Mep
  • Revit Structure 
  • Lumion 
  • Primavera 
  • E-Tabs
  • MSP (micro soft project) 

For Mechanical  CAD / Aeronautical CAD Course 

  • Autocad 2D and 3D
  • Solid Works 
  • Catia
  • Nx CAD / Unigraphics
  • Creo / Pro-E
  • Ansys
  • Hypermesh
  • GD & T
  • NX-CAM

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Why Choose Jnana Infotech Training Institute Bangalore?

100% Job Gaurentee

Fee Installment Facility

Experienced Lectures

Real Time Projects / Live Projects

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One-to-One Instructor Led Online Training Facility

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Why Choose Jnana Infotech Cadd Training Institute Bangalore?

100% Job Guarantee

Fee Installment Facility

Experienced Lectures

Real Time Projects / Live Projects

One-to-One Offline Training

One-to-One Instructor Led Online Training Facility

Best in Best Interview Training

Technical Support

What is CAD?

CAD software allows designers, engineers, and architects to create, modify, analyze, and optimize designs for various products and structures.
It’s used to create detailed 2D or 3D models of objects, which can be rotated, viewed from different angles, and even simulated to test their functionality.
CAD models are used for visualizing, prototyping, and simulating products before they are physically produced.

What is CAM?

CAM software takes the digital models created in CAD and converts them into instructions that control machines and tools in the manufacturing process.
It helps in automating and optimizing manufacturing processes, including tasks like cutting, milling, turning, and more.
CAM systems consider factors like material properties, tool capabilities, and desired tolerances to generate the most efficient manufacturing instructions.

What is Cadd Classes?

A CADD classes, often referred to as a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) class, is a training program or course that teaches individuals how to use CAD software to create, modify, and analyze designs for various industries.

In a CADD classes, students learn how to:

Navigate and Use CAD Software: They become familiar with the interface, tools, and commands within the CAD software.

Create 2D and 3D Models: Students learn how to create both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional models of objects or structures.

Apply Design Principles: They are taught design principles and best practices for creating accurate and functional models.

Edit and Modify Designs: Students learn how to make changes to existing designs, an important skill for iterative design processes.

Perform Analysis: Depending on the level of the class, students might learn how to perform simulations and analyses like stress testing, fluid dynamics, or thermal analysis.

Produce Technical Drawings: This includes creating detailed engineering drawings with dimensions, annotations, and other relevant information.

Import and Export Files: They learn how to work with different file formats, which is crucial for collaborating with others and integrating CAD into broader design and manufacturing processes.

Project Work: Many classes include projects where students apply what they’ve learned to create specific designs or prototypes.

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